About Product


Designers at Maison Surface draw their inspiration from art, architecture, and fine materials from around the world—setting trends, not just keeping up with them.


Our team of tile artisans brings those concepts to reality, in collections renowned for their elegance, versatility, and durability. They bring out the earthy beauty of natural stone and its unique color and shading variations, veining, and fossils…enhance the rich translucence of through-and-through cast glass tiles…and capture the gentle glint of metallic, mirror, quartz, and mother of pearl accents.


No matter the material, our mosaic, field, and trim tile designs are hand-crafted in small lots into a nearly infinite array of colorways, tile-cut patterns, and sizes, with proprietary finishes that exude character and transform uniquely over time.


With the highest quality materials in hand, Maison Surface's artisans commence their detail work, melding the best of modern production techniques with the beauty of ancient craftsmanship.